Please read this poem I wrote in first grade


Please read this poem I wrote in first grade

I not judging whatsoever but why is it that many people will only smoke cigarettes when they're drunk?? Does being drunk somehow counteract the addictive ingredients in the cigarettes or something??


uh cigarettes are only really addictive if u smoke them all the time, so if someone only smokes them while they’re drunk it’s probably not that often, so of course they’re not addicted. cigarettes give u a little high, and people want that when they’re partying usually

*lies on the floor* what do i do


Poetic Cosmos of Breath
Tomás Saraceno


Poetic Cosmos of Breath

Tomás Saraceno

do you smoke cigarettes


only sometimes & almost exclusively when i’m drunk


having a crush on someone who’s famous is so awesome because it’s like hey! no chance of rejection. ever. my existence is completely off their radar. they don’t even know i’m alive. this is great. this is a fun time. i am having so much fun


before blaming others, think: whats the 1 constant in all your failed relationships? its that cursed egyptian amulet why do u even have that

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"clean up clean up everybody do your share" what the FUCK is this communist propaganda 

Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)

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To this day,
my emotions are a Rubix Cube
with too many colors.

The last time
I cried in front of another human being
I apologized for making them uncomfortable.

Every time I hear “I love you”
I put a question mark at the end.

I’m an awful mechanic,
but somehow I’m still better
at fixing cars
than relationships.

I’ve punched holes in walls,
but the ones I’ve built around me
are still in perfect condition.

Rudy Fransisco, Rifle (via memoriesrecollected)

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10×1 Brand ET and UFO Shaped Collar Bar

how are u at college this year any insight?


things are good, i have gr8 roommates & interesting classes. a couple of my problems include that i’m a fucking babyish moron and i dont know how normal people act but other than that it’s all cool

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