Even though PVCu or uPVC windows are more common nowadays we should consider all the benefits that come with having wooden windows.
Before anything a good reason is they look interesting and will make your house/building stand out from the others.

They come in many different types so you can adjust it to the style of your home. They can also be carved into interesting shapes and be made very artistic. They are much more environment-friendly than PVCu windows are.

img source: tashmans.com

They last a lot longer plus they are
made from natural material so they don’t negatively affect our planet. PVCu, on the other hand, affects it in a negative way. In order to make a PVCu window 8 times more energy is used than while making timber windows.

If you take the right care of them, there is a chance you will never have to change your timber windows.
Even though you may have to repaint them occasionally it is still worth it. They are a natural insulator which means that it will always keep the temperature of your house comfortable.
Both types of windows may get damaged but wood windows are much easier to repair than PVCu.

img souce: globalhomeinc.com

When it comes to the cost the really good part of getting wooden windows is that you have a big choice, so it is easy to fit it in with your price range.
Before deciding what they want to do about their window situation, people should do their own research, because salesmen that promote PVCu material windows will try to convince you that is a better option when it’s not.

They might be cheaper and while it is very understandable that that would be
appealing to most people it is smarter to think about the long run and how long they actually last.
If your windows get damaged in any way it will always be easier to repair wooden ones.