Best known for her role in the popular sitcom Will & Grace, Megan Mullally is one of the funniest people in Hollywood. She has one of the main parts in this sitcom, which first aired in 1998, and then it was revived in 2017. Mullally plays Karen Walker, a close friend of Grace Adler and Will Truman. And though we know a lot more about Karen Walker’s life, we don’t know nearly as much about the actress who plays her. So, let’s learn something about Megan Mullally’s private life.

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When it comes to her love life, Mullally was first married to Michael A. Katcher for four years (1992-1996), and then she married Nick Offerman, a Parks and Recreation actor, in 20013, and the two have been in a happy marriage ever since. They met three years earlier while working together on a play The Berlin Circle in Los Angeles. Back then, Offerman was a struggling actor who shared his space with a friend. In fact, he slept in his friend’s basement. Here’s what he himself said about that period:

“I was a hedonist when I met Megan, I was smoking a lot of tobacco, and I was drinking a lot. Just by nature of coexisting with her, it was obviously like, ‘Oh, if you want this relationship to last, you really have to clean up your act—because right now, you’re kind of a stinky hog-like human.’ I feel like I was partly looking for this relationship because it saved my life.”

Though many might not know it, there’s a significant age gap between these two, as Mullally is 11 years older than Offerman. But they joke about it, as the actress says in their book The Greatest Love Story Ever Told:

“Well, I know what’s right and Nick doesn’t. So he just does what I say and it works great.” And her husband added: “When we got together, Megan was very successful; I was not. And also, because I’m younger, there’s always been a student-teacher dynamic that I’ve always found very rewarding…”

Offerman also reveals how he looks at any kind of disagreement between them: “Any two people living together are always going to end up yelling at each other, and usually it’s just like, “You left the refrigerator open.” And it’s just a delivery system by which to blow off steam. When you’re in a relationship like that, that’s part of why you’re in it, is to be able to vent to one another rather than just have to punch the mirror if you’re single and lonely.”

As for Net Worth’s net worth, she earns $250,000 per episode for her role as Karen Walker, and altogether, it’s been estimated she’s worth $15 million.